Do you feel stuck on one particular area of your business? Or just love to give your business a huge boost with insight, experience and strategies you can start using straight away?

Our one-hour 121 Business Booster offers you a virtually unique opportunity to work with Talented Ladies Club founder Hannah Martin and leverage her enormous business experience. 

Each video session takes place online, and can cover any topic you wish. 

Think of it as business coaching on steroids; Hannah packs more value, expertise and practical advice than you'll get in most business courses into your hour. And it's completely tailored to your needs and goals. 


Your 121 can cover any topic you wish. You might need a general overview session, or you may need help with one specific area of your business. Here are some of the subjects our 121s have covered:

  • Business strategy - set business goals and make sure you focus your time, energy and budget on the right areas to achieve them. 
  • Re-focusing - been running your business for a while and feel that you're wasting a lot of energy not getting very far? Use your session to re-focus your strategy and energy.
  • Troubleshooting - can't work out why your business isn't performing as you wish? Get an expert, objective view on your business to pinpoint areas that need work, and opportunities you may be missing. 
  • Profitability - want to tighten up your marketing and sales, or price your offering properly so you earn more money? This is the most popular use of our 121 sessions. 
  • Mindset - feel like an imposter? Worried the only thing stopping your success is YOU? Book a 121 to help rid yourself of limiting beliefs and find a success mindset. 
  • Positioning - what are you offering, and to who? How do you standout in a crowded market? Hannah can help you uncover and sell your uniqueness.
  • Your website - not sure your website is working as well as it could be for your business? We can use your session to identify any areas that need fixing, and make sure your web copy sells you.

These are just some of the ways other entrepreneurs have chosen to use their session. This session is your unique opportunity to get the help you need to give your business a huge injection of expertise, energy and purpose. 


  • Book your session

    Once you've booked your session you'll receive an email to agree a date. This will contain questions for you to answer so you can get the most value from your session.

  • During your 121 session

    We'll agree a time for your session, which will take place on Zoom video. Hannah will come prepared, and the session is tailored to your needs and desired outcome.

  • After your session

    You'll receive a video recording of your session, which is yours to keep. If you'd like accountability Hannah will invite you to send her a progress update at an agreed date.


Hannah Martin is the founder of Talented Ladies Club. She's also an award-winning copywriter, qualified psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and mentor for NatWest's Entrepreneur Accelerator. 

But more importantly, she knows how to start and build a profitable business or freelance career. 

Before launching Talented Ladies Club Hannah spent six years as a successful, often booked out freelancer. And since launching Talented Ladies Club Hannah has successfully monetised the business with several income streams. 

She now coaches a select group of business owners in her VIP coaching programmes, and offers one-off 121 coaching sessions, with impressive results. 


Jocasta Tribe

I would highly recommend a session

Jocasta Tribe

I really needed some honest feedback on my proposition and most importantly how I am going to ensure my business grows profitably. The session was great and I would highly recommend it. Hannah came to the call well prepared with ideas and thoughts to help me. I have left with a clear plan of action and I have to update her with my progress so I am accountable to make it happen.
Jaz Ampaw-Farr

The hour with Hannah was the most resourceful

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

I am a bit of a business coaching course junkie. I have done B School with Marie Forleo, I’ve done loads of Simon Sinek training, Tony Robbins, I’ve done Ryan Deiss, I’ve done Rainmaker, Amy Porterfield and there has been usefulness in all of them. But the hour that I spent with Hannah has been the most resourceful hour that I have spent.
Kerry Coleman

I have completely changed the way I see my business

Kerry Coleman

From the very first discovery call I had with you, I have completely changed the way I see myself and my business. It has given me the confidence to really value my work, have focus on the types of customers I want to attract and how to reach them. We're only half way through and I already feel my mindset has changed.
Laura Harmsworth

The advice you gave me was a game changer

Laura Harmsworth

The advice you gave my on pricing in the TLC VIP Club Hannah was a game changer for my business, so highly recommend people join this and learn from your vast wisdom!
Jennie Adams

Hannah is the person I want by my side

Jennie Adams

Hannah is the person I want by my side as I set up my business. She challenges me to think, spurs me into action, giving me the tools and strategies as I go.
Jo Clifton

Hannah's support is backed up with credibility, experience and humour

Jo Clifton

Hannah's lives in the group, and other one-to-one interactions and support have always been spot-on and backed up with such credibility, experience and humour! Worth every penny and by far one of my best business decisions.
Rhiannon Relfe

One of the most productive business planning sessions I've ever had

Rhiannon Relfe

Before my 121 Hannah had taken the time to review my existing online presence and come up with strategies and actions that would improve my website and offer, from copywriting tweaks that would entice the reader, to suggestions for apps that would support my social media strategy. All the suggestions were gently delivered and were reasonable to implement, both time and money-wise. Hannah was positive and enthusiastic about my new business suggestion, which boosted my confidence. We talked through everything from how I could deliver training, to pricing and customer targeting. Hannah also had plenty of small but helpful suggestions including contacts to speak with, books to read and software to help me. It was one of the most productive business planning sessions I've ever had!


  • Who is this for?

    You'll get huge value from these sessions if you're a small business owner or freelancer. You can be just starting out and need some guidance to get going and establish your focus and goals. Or you may be established and need a health check, help with a sticky problem, or ideas for how you can make your business more profitable.

  • What happens once I book?

    We'll send you an email to arrange a date and time for your session. We'll also ask you some questions to make sure Hannah is fully prepared for your session and that you get what you need out of it.

  • What happens in the session?

    Your session will take place over Zoom video and will be recorded, so you can watch it back afterwards if you wish. Hannah will have read your answers to our questions and will arrive prepared with ideas and suggestions.

  • What can I expect from the hour?

    You will cover a LOT during the hour! Hannah will already have researched your business and will have ideas and suggestions based on your answers to our questions. At the end of the session you'll agree action points to ensure you make real progress. If you'd like extra accountability Hannah will ask you to send her an update of your progress.

  • How much is the session?

    The cost of your session is £499, which includes VAT. This includes Hannah's preparation, your one-hour coaching session and sending a recording to you afterwards.