Do you want to do more in life, but feel trapped by a lack of confidence? Or do you just wish you could believe more in yourself, your abilities, and the opportunities that could be open to you?

If so, we get it. Our founder, Hannah Martin, was once famously so shy she couldn't bring herself to press the 'stop' button on a bus. 

Today she happily appears live on national TV, speaks to hundreds of people on stage at events, and confidently puts herself forward for opportunities well outside her comfort zone. 

Since conquering her lack of confidence, formerly shy Hannah has also bought a solo one-way ticket to a country she'd never visited before (and stayed for five years), travelled the world for a year alone, and talked her way into a job at one of the world's top advertising agencies with zero experience. 

In this masterclass, Hannah explains the strategies she used to overcome her self-doubt and shyness, and shares techniques you can start using today to build your own confidence.


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In this high value class we explain how you can change how you feel and act, and reveal the secrets of authentic confidence (even if you're naturally shy). Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why confidence is so important in everything - from your relationships to your professional potential
  • The four key things that helped Hannah overcome her shyness and become authentically confident
  • Why you can actually get to choose the person you want to be
  • How to use the cornfield technique to 'rewire' your brain
  • What mental rehearsal is, and how to use it
  • How to tackle and eliminate negative thoughts and your inner critic using an easy (and fun) exercise
  • How to identify and reframe limiting beliefs
  • Why it's sometimes GOOD to be at rock bottom, and how to use that
  • How to kill off your inner B girl (and why you need to)
  • Six beliefs that are limiting you
  • And six reframes of those beliefs that will liberate you instead
  • How to overcome the dreaded imposter syndrome
  • How we self-sabotage ourselves in key situations, like job interviews, business pitches and speaking in public
  • And how to change that and manifest more confidence instead, so we get a better outcome 
  • A quick confidence technique you can use for interviews, meetings and presentations
  • How to present with confidence (even if you're not feeling it!) and win over a room

You'll walk away from this class with practical strategies you can start using straight away to begin to change the way you feel - and act. So you can start living a more liberated life, free to pursue the opportunities you want with confidence.


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To help you start implementing the confidence techniques we teach you in the Confidence Masterclass, we have included our three page printable confidence cheatsheet as an extra bonus.


This class is taught by Hannah Martin, the founder of Talented Ladies Club. With over a decade of experience in running profitable businesses, and a clutch of advertising awards to her name, Hannah has a wealth of expertise to share.

Hannah is also a popular trainer for companies like Mumsnet and Country Living, a business mentor for Natwest's Entrepreneur Accelerator programme, a campaigner for equality for women in the workplace and in business, and an experienced business coach.

Hannah is also a qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. 


Laura Harmsworth

I loved the practical exercises

Laura Harmsworth

I learned that you can change yourself, and seeing Hannah as an example shows it is possible. It's very different to reading a self help book, as you hear her examples. I also loved the practical exercises you can use.
Jire Ogunsanya

Practical and proven techniques

Jire Ogunsanya

Hannah walks you through you a step-by-step manual on how to (re-)build your confidence, using lessons from her own life. So you can be assured of practical and proven techniques.
TLC Team member

I feel excited about trying the exercises

TLC Team member

I really loved the exercises you shared in the confidence class, thank you. Already I feel excited about trying them.
TLC Team member

I have definitely seen an improvement in my confidence

TLC Team member

I've been using the techniques you shared for a few years now, and have definitely seen an improvement in my confidence. In fact, the things I imagine often eventually become a reality.
Sarah Mason

I learned that confidence can be controlled

Sarah Mason

Great practical tips. I learned that confidence can be controlled.
Amy Hodgson

Incredibly useful and interesting

Amy Hodgson

Incredibly useful and interesting. I learned that I can imagine who I want to be.
Claire Vaughan

Full of techniques to help you to overwrite negative thoughts and feelings

Claire Vaughan

This class is full of simple, accessible techniques to help you to overwrite negative thoughts and feelings, boost your confidence and live the life you want to.
Helen Speed

An injection of positivity

Helen Speed

This class really made me think about the tendency to self-sabotage with negative thoughts. It was an injection of positivity.