• 1
    How the Course Launch Planner works
    • Welcome to the Course Launch Planner
    • Download and start personalising your Course Launch Planner
    • How to use basic formatting
    • How to add colour to your drop down menus
    • Editing inspiration - a sneak peak inside one of our own planners
  • 2
    • Using the Results tab
  • 3
    Tasks and Campaign Planner
    • Using The tasks and Campaign Planner tabs
  • 4
    • Using the Projections tab
  • 5
    Avatars and Objections
    • Using the Avatars and Objections tabs
  • 6
    Content Ideas and Planner
    • Using the Content Ideas, Content Planner and Sales Planner tabs
  • 7
    Sales Funnel
    • How to use the Sales Funnel tab
  • 8
    Bonus: How to plan your sales funnel
    • How to build a brilliant sales funnel for your business or freelance work in 28 minutes
    • Download our Sales Funnel worksheet
    • Download our Sales Funnel ebook
    • Download our Sales Funnel checklist
  • 9
    Bonus: How to write sales copy using GLPFS
    • An introduction to GLPFS
    • What is GLPFS?
    • How to use GLPFS to write sales copy
    • Breaking down the GLPFS sections
    • How to use GLPFS in a sales page
    • How can YOU use GLPFS to make your sales copy more powerful?
    • A sales email sequence
    • GLPFS Email swipe file