If you're serious about making a go of freelancing, this is the Toolkit you need. 

Inside you'll find everything you need to price your services, win clients, keep clients happy, get paid and feel confident you're covered legally. 

Our Toolkit is packed with customisable emails and templates, legal contracts, professional advice and strategies to help you earn more.

Given the value of the content, if you use it properly we fully expect you to make back the cost of the Toolkit and MUCH more very quickly. 

Indeed, if you’re serious about succeeding as a freelancer, this could be one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make.


  • Emails you can customise and send to clients

  • Professional invoice and quotation templates

  • A sales proposal template to help you win work

  • Advice to help you pitch and quote for work

  • A freelance contract template

  • Our 'magic' legal debt recovery letter

  • Strategies to manage tricky clients and avoid working for free

  • Help to raise your rates with existing clients


Our Freelance Toolkit was created by Talented Ladies Club founder Hannah Martin. Over 12 years Hannah built a profitable freelance business from home, working part time (but often earning a full time income) around her family. 

Hannah quickly built a reputation as a trusted and professional freelancer, and worked with many clients for over a decade. Her client base included regular clients (just three loyal clients were worth collectively £28,000 a year) and one-off contracts. 

However, after speaking to and coaching other freelancers, Hannah realised that too many women were struggling to find and land clients and earn good money. And she wanted to share the expertise that she's gained over the years to help them. 

They also needed help with quoting and invoicing, freelance contracts, chasing late payments and dealing with tricky client requests. 

So Hannah created this Toolkit and included everything you need to build a professional and profitable freelance business - with clients who respect you, pay you well and return to you year after year.


  • 1
    Rates Toolkit
    • Pricing Masterclass
    • How to price your products and services
    • How to charge what you're worth
    • How to raise your rates without losing clients
  • 2
    Pitch Toolkit
    • How to structure a sales meeting or pitch
    • How to pitch to a client
    • Our sales proposal template
    • How to edit our sales proposal template
    • Quotation template
    • Email templates for sending a quote
  • 3
    Client Toolkit
    • How to keep your customers happy
    • Write your customer love plan
    • How to turn your clients into superfans
    • How to manage your client's expectations
    • How to spot and handle difficult clients
    • How to manage clients who ask for extra work for free
  • 4
    Financial Toolkit
    • How to plan a credit control strategy
    • Invoice template
    • How to handle clients who don't pay
    • Email templates for late payments
    • Why you need a business bank account
    • What business expenses can you claim as a freelancer?
  • 5
    Legal Toolkit
    • Three big legal mistakes you need to avoid
    • Freelance contract template
    • Your legal rights regarding late payments
    • Letter before action template


Kate Hopkins

I feel excited about the future

Kate Hopkins

I found Hannah to be an extremely knowledgeable individual who knows how to build a successful business, and is happy to share her knowledge with others. She is enthusiastic, engaging, and a genuine individual who wants to help others on their journey. After speaking with Hannah, I feel excited about the future plans for my business.
Sally Bunkham

A no-brainer investment

Sally Bunkham

Hannah is fantastic and always on hand to answer any type of issue we are going through, whether it's nuts and bolts business advice or more personal stuff like confidence or imposter syndrome issues. It's also amazing value for money and in my opinion a no brainer investment for any start up business. Highly recommended
Jaz Ampaw-Farr

The hour I spent with Hannah was the most resourceful

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

I have done B School with Marie Forleo, I’ve done loads of Simon Sinek training, Tony Robbins, I’ve done Ryan Deiss, I’ve done Rainmaker, Amy Porterfield and there has been usefulness in all of them. But the hour that I spent with Hannah has been the most resourceful hour that I have spent.
Carolyn Strand

I increased my price by 60% (and got it)

Carolyn Strand

I was working on a proposal and wanted the Pricing Masterclass to give me a boost when putting a price on it. After the class I went in at 60% more than I had initially planned, and this has just been accepted without a blink of an eye. Thanks!
Olivia Vandyk

Helpful practical tips and excellent checklist

Olivia Vandyk

Even though I thought I had a fairly good grasp of what SEO requirements were, this course taught me so much in a really accessible way. I didn’t have time to do the whole course in one sitting (I’m running my own business and have to dip in and out of personal development stuff). No annoying quizzes to get through but helpful practical tips and excellent checklist to print and keep handy.
Laura Harmsworth

I'm so pleased I upped my prices

Laura Harmsworth

Listening to your Pricing Masterclass - have learnt more stuff, amazing! Have worked out my cost of time and so pleased I have upped my prices otherwise would not be earning enough to cover that let alone all the other costs.
TLC Team member

It gave me the confidence to put the prices up

TLC Team member

I just wanted to say thank you for the Pricing Masterclass. It gave me the confidence to put the prices up in a contract I was quoting for - and the client has accepted them without question.
Paula Hutchings

Saves hours of wading through information

Paula Hutchings

This course is great! Saves hours of wading through information as it cuts right to the chase. It’s easy to take notes and brilliant to be able to get back to. The course bridges the gap between technical SEO expertise and everyday use in your own business and clients’ businesses.


  • How long do I have access to the Toolkit?

    Once you buy the Freelance Toolkit you have lifetime access to it, and any updates. So you can use it as often as you need.

  • I'm not in the UK. Can I still buy it?

    The majority of the Freelance Toolkit is relevant wherever in the world you live. However, the legal contracts and legal and accounting advice are specifically for the UK.

  • What do I do if I need help?

    If you need help or have a question, just start a discussion on the learning platform and we'll be happy to assist you.

  • Where are your legal documents from?

    Our legal documents were prepared by a qualified solicitor in England. Please note that we give no warranties or representations concerning these legal documents, and accept no liability in relation to the use of them.

  • How can I use the legal documents?

    You may edit and amend the legal documents to make them suitable for your purposes. However, you must not sell or re-distribute them. We give no warranties or representations concerning these legal documents, and accept no liability in relation to the use of them.


  • Instant access to all content

    As soon as you sign up you get instant, access to the entire Toolkit - so you can start using our templates, contracts and pricing advice to help you earn more straight away.

  • Templates you can adapt

    To help you establish yourself as a professional freelancer (and make it easier to handle clients) you get customisable emails and templates you can tweak to make your own.

  • Watch our Pricing Masterclass

    This Toolkit includes our Pricing Masterclass and printable - worth £45 alone. Freelancers who watched this class increased their rates immediately - one by over £500.

  • Get advice that works

    This Toolkit is created from 12 years' experience as a booked-up, high earning freelancer with a regular client base. Everything you need to grow your freelance business is in here.



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