How many times have you asked yourself this question? Or wondered why a competitor’s business appears to be so much more successful than yours?

There’s no great mystery in making money in business or as a freelancer. There’s no magic button you can press that will turn your financial luck around. Instead, making a profit comes down to three simple things:

  • Mindset
  • Pricing
  • Systems

Inside the Profit Kit we take you through each area in turn as we show you how to make money from your business and turn on your profit taps.


  • Profit Mindset

    Your business will never make a profit if you don’t believe that you can, and deserve to, be financially successful. We show you how to identify and eliminate any limiting financial beliefs and replace them with a Profit Mindset.

  • Profit Pricing

    Most businesses we talk to are losing money because they're not charging enough. Start pricing your products or services for profit (and attract MORE business), and discover strategies and tricks to charge your worth.

  • Profit System

    Are you letting profit trickle through your fingers? We guide you through setting up a Profit System to keep money coming into your business and staying there. So you can feel in control of your money - and keep the profit you earn.


  • 1
    Welcome to the Profit Kit
    • Welcome to the course!
  • 2
    Profit Mindset
    • Video: What is a profit mindset?
    • Lesson: Are you Upper Limiting your earning potential?
    • Lesson: How to work in your Zone of Genius
    • Exercise: What's your money story?
    • Exercise: Are you a B Girl?
    • Worksheet: Set your profit goals
  • 3
    Profit Pricing
    • Video: What is pricing for profit?
    • Video: The gardener’s rainy January lesson and the psychology of pricing
    • Workbook: How will your business make money?
    • Workbook: How to price your products and services
    • Workbook: How to work out your freelance rate
    • Workbook: How to charge what you're worth
    • Lesson: How to raise your freelance or business rates
    • Worksheet: Build your product pyramid
    • Video: What is a product pyramid?
  • 4
    Profit System
    • Video: The 10 elements to your Profit System
    • Exercise: Are you wasting your most valuable business asset?
    • Lesson: Are you spending too much on expenses?
    • Workbook: Plan your credit control strategy
    • Workbook: How to handle non-payers
  • 5
    Bonus resources
    • Useful articles and resources


Hannah Martin is an award-winning copywriter with over 22 years’ experience. She has also run profitable businesses for over 10 years, including working as a booked out freelance copywriter. 

Since launching Talented Ladies Club in 2013 Hannah has coached and mentored over 100 women. Her strategies have helped them raise their prices, attract more business and finally earn the profit they want. She shares these strategies in this kit.


Kara Stanford

I found the Profit Kit really valuable

Kara Stanford

"I found the Profit Kit really valuable because it pulls together so many different elements of small business finance. I've always been confident managing my business finances but I knew I could be doing it better - the Profit Kit showed me where the gaps in my knowledge were and the blocks in my mentality and then gave me ideas for how to improve them. If you know that your grasp on your business's finances could be improved or you want to know where to start, then take the time to complete the Profit Kit; it will really help you.
Laura Harmsworth

With your voice in my head I stuck to my full price

Laura Harmsworth

Three weeks ago a client said she couldn't afford my package. The old me would have offered her a discount. With your voice in my head, I didn't. A week later, she came back to me, saying she had come into some money so could now go ahead. Which she did (at the full price). Yay!
Kerry Coleman

I have paid for the course and much more

Kerry Coleman

I have just secured another client - woo hoo!! With the client I won just before Christmas, this means I have paid for the course and much more on a monthly basis! Thank you Hannah Martin and for all you lovely ladies who have given me so much confidence over the last few months. (From our VIP Club)
Melanie Eilers

I'm effectively charging 4x as much

Melanie Eilers

This morning I took all the prices out of my rate card and then walked into a new pitch with a client this afternoon and came out with initial strategy for Facebook at twice my original price, and weekly channel management at what I was originally going to charge for one month - so effectively almost 4x as much! (From Social Media Moneymaker)
Laura Moore

I'm fully booked until Christmas

Laura Moore

Since taking this course I have made back the cost of my previous course and more. I’ve secured enough work to be fully booked until Christmas and am already turning down opportunities. I’ve only been working as a social media manager since July and don’t think I’d be so busy had I not taken this course. (From Social Media Moneymaker)


  • How long do I have access to it?

    You have lifetime access to the Profit Kit and any updates we make to it. So you can work through it at your own pace and refer back to it any time you need.

  • I'm a freelancer. Will it help me?

    Yes. The mindset techniques and pricing strategies and systems we share will work for small businesses and freelancers.

  • What kind of results can I expect?

    We can't guarantee any results, but we do promise that if you do the work, you will see a difference. You'll feel more confident in your abilities and have the strategies and tools you need to understand how much you need to charge to earn a profit - and get it. Take a look at the testimonials to get an idea of some of the results people are seeing after implementing the techniques we teach you.



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