Think SEO is really complicated? Confused by all the complex jargon and conflicting advice on what you need to do to get your website to rank on search engines like Google? 

You're not alone! So many freelancers and small business owners we speak to don't have a clue about SEO. And many are, quite frankly, scared of it!

As a result they're missing out on achievable opportunities and quick wins that can help them get free traffic to their website and reach new customers. 

THIS is why we created the SEO Kit, a jargon-free online course that helps you to easily DIY your SEO. And finally understand how SEO really works. 


The SEO Kit teaches you how to DIY your own SEO. Because, when you understand what search engines are looking for, SEO doesn't just make sense, but you can capably manage your own SEO - just like we do.

And, if you're a freelance copywriter or marketing consultant, this course will give you a good grounding in the knowledge and skills you need to explain SEO to your clients, and advise them and work on a strategy for their own business. 


  • How SEO works

    SEO is simple when you understand how it works. We teach you what search engines like Google are looking for, and how you can give it to them.

  • How to write for SEO

    There are some essential strategies you need to write for SEO. We show you how to write copy that will help your website to rank for the right terms.

  • How to use keywords

    What keywords should you be trying to rank for? How do you find them? And what must you do with them? We cover everything you need to know.

  • How to get backlinks

    Find out why backlinks from reputable sites are so important for SEO - and learn strategies to help you get them without being penalised by Google.

  • How to write SEO blogs

    Blogs are an important SEO tool for your own website - and for clients if you're a copywriter. Learn how to use blogs to rank on search engines.


In the past six years we've had over 2.4million visitors from organic search, and we currently rank on page one of Google for 298 search terms. 

And that's simply from using the strategy and techniques we share with you in this course. 

From the very start of Talented Ladies Club, we've adopted an ethical, 'white hat' approach to SEO, and it's paid off. 

While other websites have been penalised, we've not yet been impacted by any Google algorithm update. 

Instead of trying to cheat the system, we learned the psychology behind SEO and used it to influence the way we acted online, and how we wrote our content. And this is what we teach you inside this course. 

So if you want to build a long term, ethical SEO strategy, this is the course for you. 


This course is taught by Hannah Martin, the founder of Talented Ladies Club and the expert behind our own SEO success.

Hannah is an award-winning copywriter with 22 years of experience working for some of the world's top advertising agencies and brands. 

Her copywriting work includes writing SEO website copy for BUPA, Ford, Ariel, Waitrose and Google themselves. 

Hannah is also a popular trainer for companies like Mumsnet and Country Living, a business mentor for NatWest's Entrepreneur Accelerator programme, a campaigner for equality for women in the workplace and in business, and an experienced business coach.


  • 1
    Welcome to Easy SEO
    • Welcome to Easy SEO FREE PREVIEW
    • How to plan your SEO strategy using Easy SEO
    • Get your SEO task tracker
    • How to set the right SEO goals
    • Quick explanation of some of the terminology we use in this course
    • Download your monthly SEO checklist
  • 2
    1: What is SEO?
    • What will you do in this module?
    • An introduction to SEO
    • How SEO works
    • Black hat vs white hat SEO
    • Six quick SEO essentials
    • How to get Google to crawl your site (and how long it will take)
    • How to get Google to find and crawl your page
    • How to use your Google Business Profile for local SEO
    • Your monthly basics and essentials strategy
  • 3
    2: How to use keywords
    • What will you do in this module?
    • An introduction to keywords FREE PREVIEW
    • How to plan your keyword strategy
    • The magic formula for finding the right keywords
    • How to use Google Trends to find your keywords
    • A quick SEO keyword hack using Google Search Console
    • Creative ideas for researching keywords
    • Two big keyword mistakes to avoid
    • Where to use your keywords
    • How to use your keywords in images for SEO
    • Your monthly keyword strategy
  • 4
    3: How to write for SEO
    • What will you do in this module?
    • How to plan your blogs for SEO
    • How to write for readability
    • How to write your meta descriptions
    • How to write a blog
    • How to use topic clusters and pillar pages
    • How to build a topic cluster
    • How to keep your content fresh
    • Your monthly SEO content strategy
  • 5
    4: How to use backlinks
    • What will you do in this module?
    • How backlinks work
    • How to get backlinks
    • How to use internal and outbound links
    • How to use the right anchor text for your links
    • Your monthly backlink strategy
  • 6
    Get your SEO certificate
    • How to get your course completion certificate and share your achievements
    • Get your easy SEO course completion certificate
  • 7
    Bonus: Your SEO toolbox
    • SEO report 2024
    • SEO keyword research class
    • Six free SEO tools
    • How to optimise your website for voice search
    • How to find keyword ideas using Google's Keyword Planner
    • How to use Google's Keyword Planner for free
    • SEO cheat sheet
    • SEO copy checklist
    • 12 quick online copy tips
    • Online SEO resources
  • 8
    SEO Surgery recordings
    • Live class recording 20/2/23
    • Live class recording 8/6/23
    • SEO Surgery 7/11/23


Kerry Coleman

I'm now embracing SEO wholeheartedly

Kerry Coleman

The course took me two hours to do. In that time I went from having very little knowledge of SEO to feeling confident in my understanding of the subject - I have always steered clear of SEO because I simply didn't understand it, but now I am embracing it wholeheartedly in my own campaigns and that of my clients!
Paula Hutchings

Saves hours of wading through information

Paula Hutchings

This course is great! Saves hours of wading through information as it cuts right to the chase. It’s easy to take notes and brilliant to be able to get back to. The course bridges the gap between technical SEO expertise and everyday use in your own business and clients’ businesses.
Stacey Quinzi

I have a much clearer understanding of the basics of SEO

Stacey Quinzi

I now feel that I have a much clearer understanding of the basics of SEO and the terminology around it. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a solid starting point in order improve their copywriting skills.
Charlotte Moore

If you're looking for a beginner's SEO course then this is the one for you

Charlotte Moore

If you're looking for a beginner's course that explains the mysteries of SEO and walks you through each stage in a clear and helpful way, then this is the one for you.
Jo Barber

A great explanation of how to work out rankings

Jo Barber

The course gives suggestions on where to find keywords, and a great explanation of how to work out rankings.
Laura Gibson

Hannah certainly knows her stuff when it comes to SEO

Laura Gibson

Hannah certainly knows her stuff when it comes to SEO. The course gave me some good ideas about how to add value to my website and increase my reputation and relevancy. I can't wait to put it all into practice.
Olivia Vandyk

Helpful practical tips and excellent checklist

Olivia Vandyk

Even though I thought I had a fairly good grasp of what SEO requirements were, this course taught me so much in a really accessible way. I didn’t have time to do the whole course in one sitting (I’m running my own business and have to dip in and out of personal development stuff). No annoying quizzes to get through but helpful practical tips and excellent checklist to print and keep handy.
Laura Moore

Jargon free and simple to understand and action

Laura Moore

This course exceeded my expectations. It was jargon free and simple to understand and action.
Caitlin Pieters

I especially enjoyed the emphasis on how to use keywords in your copywriting

Caitlin Pieters

I trust TLC and the fact that these methods and techniques have worked so brilliantly for you is proof enough and exciting because it's given me new focus! So thank you for that. I especially enjoyed the emphasis on how to use keywords in your copywriting.


  • Who is this course for?

    Our SEO Kit is designed to help small businesses and freelancers DIY their own SEO with confidence, and know exactly what they need to do to rank for the right search terms. It will also help you if you're a freelance copywriter or marketing consultant who needs a confident working knowledge of SEO, and how to use it for your clients.

  • How much depth does the course go into?

    This course will enable you to understand how SEO works, know what you need to do to help a website rank on search engines, and be able to confidently implement key SEO techniques for your own website, or to advise or work for clients on their SEO content. We've deliberately kept the content at a breadth and depth that is important and useful for you to know, without delving into the finer mechanics of detailed SEO expertise for specific websites.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have lifetime access to the course and any updates we make. So you can work through it as quickly or slowly as you wish, and refer back to it as a useful resource whenever you need.

  • What if I need help during the course?

    If you get stuck or having questions while working through the course you can open a discussion on the learning platform and we'll be hapy to help.

  • I can find information about SEO online for free. Why pay for a course?

    Yes it’s true there’s lots of information about SEO online, but how long will it take you to piece together an SEO strategy? And how much is your time worth? £20 an hour? £40? £60? In the SEO Kit we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve researched the best SEO strategy for a small business and tested it on our own. So you can save time and avoid expensive mistakes - and get it right first time.

  • How much is this course worth?

    A better question might be: how much is extra traffic to your website worth to you? And not just any traffic – people who are looking for exactly what you sell. This SEO Kit teaches you how to find the keywords that will attract potential customers and clients to your website – and help you rank for them. If a consistent stream of customers or clients is worth more than a one-off payment of £199 to you, then this course is a no-brainer investment.

  • Why buy now?

    It takes time for your SEO efforts to reap rewards. So the sooner you start getting it right, the sooner you’ll see your ranking rise – and the sooner you’ll start getting customers and clients flowing to your site from organic search. If you want more free traffic to your on it.



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