Has the dream of being a social media manager or Facebook ads manager not matched up to the reality yet? Are you sick of:

  • Struggling to land new clients?
  • Clients with tiny budgets?
  • Not making enough money?
  • Not having a reliable income?
  • Working for free?
  • Not being respected by clients?

If so, it’s time to stop using strategies that don't work, and start confidently marketing and selling your skills.

Social Media Moneymaker teaches you how to build and grow a successful small business over 12 content-packed modules, so you can finally monetise your skills and earn the living you want.


  • 12 easy-to-follow modules

    To help you build a profitable business, our 12 modules take you from designing the life you want, to winning (and keeping) happy clients.

  • Learn at your own pace

    The course is self-directed, which means you can work on it when, where and how you want. You can complete it in a weekend, or over a year.

  • Get lifetime access

    More than a course, this is a useful resource you can use whenever you need a refresh. Lifetime access means you can return to it when you need.


Every module is packed with professional content

  • 1
    • Video: Welcome to the course
    • Video: Welcome from Cat
  • 2
    Module 1: Design your life
    • What will you learn in this module? FREE PREVIEW
    • Video class: How Cat designed her life
    • Exercise: Design your life on paper
    • Worksheet: Design your life
    • Video class: How to make a life you've designed on paper actually happen
    • Video: A day in the life of ... Cat!
  • 3
    Module 2: Be more productive
  • 4
    Module 3: Get a success mindset
    • What will you learn in this module? FREE PREVIEW
    • Workbook: How to feel more confident
    • Workbook: How to learn from failure
    • Workbook: How to overcome obstacles to your success
    • Workbook: How to create a vision for success
    • Video class: How Cat sacked her imposter
    • Video class: How Cat manages her mindset
    • Video class: How Cat switched from a corporate to a freelance mindset
  • 5
    Module 4: Find your niche
    • What will you learn in this module? FREE PREVIEW
    • Video class: How Cat found her niche
    • Video class: Why you shouldn't be afraid of niching (and how to find yours)
    • Video class: Cat compares and contrasts businesses without a niche and those with a niche
    • Video class: 10 ideas to help you find your social media business angle
    • Exercise: Brainstorm YOUR business idea
    • Cat's social media manager toolkit
  • 6
    Module 5: Write your positioning statement
    • What will you learn in this module?
    • Write your mission statement
    • Workbook: What's your USP?
    • Workbook: How to work out your target audience
  • 7
    Module 6: Plan your marketing strategy
  • 8
    Module 7: Price your services
  • 9
    Module 8: Write winning proposals
    • What will you learn in this module?
    • Process map: Winning a client
    • Video: How to produce a professional looking strategy for clients
    • Template: Cat's client strategy template
    • Lesson: How to manage your clients' expectations
  • 10
    Module 9: Pitch your services
  • 11
    Module 10: How to manage your clients professionally
    • What will you learn in this module?
    • Video class: How Cat pro-actively manages her clients
    • Video: How to make your reporting look professional
    • Template: Cat's client retention email
    • Template: Client report
    • Video: How to handle working for family and friends
  • 12
    Module 11: Make your clients LOVE you
    • What will you learn in this module?
    • Video class: How to turn clients into superfans
    • Workbook: How to keep your clients happy
    • Exercise: Write your customer love plan
    • Lesson: How to raise your rates without losing clients
  • 13
    Module 12: Get paid


Want to land larger clients and contracts? You need agency-style reports. We teach you how to create reports and presentations that will impress potential and current clients. You will need these reports whether you're a social media manager, or are specialising as a Facebook ads manager.


Melanie Eilers, Socially Sound

I'm effectively charging 4x as much

Melanie Eilers, Socially Sound

This morning I took all the prices out of my rate card and then walked into a new pitch with a client this afternoon and came out with an initial strategy for Facebook at twice my original price, and weekly channel management at what I was originally going to charge for one month - so effectively almost 4x as much! I would totally recommend the course.
Lisa Bullen, Social Media Sussex

I've got two new clients

Lisa Bullen, Social Media Sussex

The course has made me focus on me, and think about where I wanted to go instead of just chugging along. So far I have moved to a co-working space, done lots of networking and run three training workshops… and got two new clients.
Laura Moore, More Than a Mutha

I'm fully booked until Christmas

Laura Moore, More Than a Mutha

Since taking this course I have made back the cost of my previous course and more. I’ve secured enough work to be fully booked until Christmas and am already turning down opportunities. I’ve only been working as a social media manager since July and don’t think I’d be so busy had I not taken this course and followed Hannah and Cat's advice.
Julie Griffiths, Oh My Word!

I no longer have to accept low-paying clients

Julie Griffiths, Oh My Word!

Social Media Moneymaker has helped me to think about different business models for earning money through social media and feel more in control of my business. I no longer feel that I have to accept low-paying clients.
Karly Ellis

I realise the importance of starting with a niche

Karly Ellis

The course has made me realise the importance of starting with a niche, which was previously holding me back. I found Cat's videos incredibly helpful, as she seems to have figured out the answers to most of the problems I've had.
Melanie Bullivant

I wholeheartedly recommend the course

Melanie Bullivant

The course has really encouraged me to think about what I want my business to look like and helped me define my areas of knowledge and expertise. I would wholeheartedly recommend it if you’re feeling disheartened after finishing social media training. It’s helped me to see that my new skills can be used in other roles too and not just as a ‘social media manager’.


Hannah Martin is an award-winning copywriter with over 22 years’ experience. She has also run profitable businesses for over 10 years, including working as a booked out freelance copywriter. 

Since launching Talented Ladies Club in 2013 Hannah has coached and mentored over 100 women. Her strategies have helped them raise their prices, attract more business and finally earn the profit they want. She shares these strategies with you in this course.

Cat Davies is a superstar social media manager. A former management consultant working for Grant Thornton and Serco (where she specialised in digital transformation, working on £30m websites and moving major payment systems online), Cat became a freelance social media manager in 2016.

Since then she’s trained MTV to use Snapchat, run LinkedIn adverts for IBM and run a Facebook page that performed 40,000% above industry average. Cat also has a side line filming and editing video for social media, has been asked to speak at events like as Social Day and Small Business vs Facebook, and has even interviewed Mel C from the Spice Girls for a client.

Together Hannah and Cat have combined their experience and knowledge to create the ultimate course for social media managers who want to properly monetise their skills, and finally earn the income they deserve.


  • How long does the course take?

    The course is self-paced, which means you can take as little, or as long, as you like. Some people like to binge it in a weekend, others use it as an ongoing resource to turn to when they need help.

  • How long do I have access to it?

    You have lifetime access to the course, and any updates we make to it.

  • What kind of results can I expect?

    We can't guarantee any results, but we do promise that if you do the work, you will see a difference. You'll feel more confident in your abilities and have the strategies and tools you need to increase your prices, keep clients happy and win new business. Take a look at the testimonials to get an idea of some of the results people are seeing after signing up to the course.

  • I've specialised as a Facebook ads manager. Will this course still help me?

    In a word: yes! As a Facebook ads manager you still need to position your business, price and package your offering and win and keep clients - all of which you'll learn in this course.



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