Are you confidently growing your followers and sales on social media with a strategy that's tailored to your business?

Or does it feel like you're posting in the dark? Struggling to work out what you should be posting - and when - and feeling disheartened when few people engage?

We see too many businesses invest time and effort on social media with no real reward. Businesses that find it hard to build engaged followings - and even harder to convert their social media activity into sales. 

The simple truth is that social media should ALWAYS repay your time with both long and short term rewards, including greater brand recognition and sales. 

If your social media activity isn't doing so, it's time for a new strategy. 

And that's what you'll learn in this masterclass. We'll show you how to plan a social media strategy that's aligned to your business goals, and tailored for the audience you want to reach. 

So you can start using social media with confidence and, more importantly start getting the results you need from it. 


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In this high value class we'll teach you how to confidently plan a social media strategy that achieves your business goals. Here's what you'll learn:

  • The 13 questions you need to ask in order to plan a strategy that works

  • How to identify your top social media priority using a simple exercise 

  • Why quality is more important than quantity when building a social media following

  • The two qualities that you need to make sure that EVERY social media post satisfies

  • Six questions you need to ask when researching your competition 

  • How to work out which social media platform(s) you need to be on (and why it may not be the one you think)

  • How to write your social media story

  • What type of content you need to post, and how frequently

  • How to write a social media SMART goal

  • How to build an engaged following on social media 

  • How to put everything together and create monthly social media timetables.

After watching this class you'll be able to plan a unique social media strategy that is tailored for your business - one that attracts the right followers and works towards your business goals. 


This class is taught by Hannah Martin, the founder of Talented Ladies Club. Hannah has over 22 years of award-winning copywriting experience, and has worked at some of the world's top advertising agencies. 

Hannah's former client list includes Google, HSBC, Waitrose, Ford, Bacardi, Nissan, UNICEF, The Army, BT, Sony, American Express, Cadbury's, The Guardian, The Sun, Royal Mail, Costa Coffee and many, many more. 

Hannah has also written social media training for Google, and delivered a social media strategy workshop for Country Living magazine.

She's also built a strong, organic social media following for Talented Ladies Club, including over 43,000 Twitter followers and a combined Facebook community of over 10,000 people.

In this class Hannah will share the strategy she used to build a highly engaged following across four social media platforms. 


Carolyn Strand

I increased my price by 60% (and got it)

Carolyn Strand

I was working on a proposal and wanted the Pricing Masterclass to give me a boost when putting a price on it. After the class I went in at 60% more than I had initially planned, and this has just been accepted without a blink of an eye. Thanks!
Laura Harmsworth

I'm so pleased I upped my prices

Laura Harmsworth

Listening to your Pricing Masterclass - have learnt more stuff, amazing! Have worked out my cost of time and so pleased I have upped my prices otherwise would not be earning enough to cover that let alone all the other costs.
Kim Willis

Totally inspiring and really helpful

Kim Willis

Thank you for a brilliant masterclass today. It was totally inspiring and really helpful. Highly recommended!
Lucy Mason

Hannah provided so much useful information

Lucy Mason

This exceeded my expectations as I learnt new things such as how to work out the cost of my time. Hannah has a warm and engaging presenting style and provided so much useful information, from top tips, to real life examples, a mantra and podcast recommendations! Thank you, a worthwhile hour.
Zoe Greenhalf

I enjoyed the clear explanations and examples

Zoe Greenhalf

What I enjoyed the most about this class were the clear explanations and examples. I am not good with numbers and business terminology but all the information was simple and succinct.
Jo Clifton

Hannah's support is backed up with credibility and experience

Jo Clifton

Hannah's 'lives' in the group, and other one-to-one interactions and support have always been spot-on and backed up with such credibility, experience and humour! Worth every penny and by far one of my best business decisions. (From Kickstart)
Sally Bunkham

Hannah is fantastic with issues like confidence or imposter syndrome issues

Sally Bunkham

Hannah is fantastic and always on hand to answer any type of issue we are going through, like confidence or imposter syndrome issues. (From Kickstart)
Kerry Coleman

Hannah gave me the confidence to really value my work

Kerry Coleman

From the very first discovery call I had with you, I have completely changed the way I see myself and my business. It has given me the confidence to really value my work, have focus on the types of customers I want to attract and how to reach them. We're only half way through and I already feel my mindset has changed. (From the VIP Club)


  • When will this class take place?

    The class will take place live at 10am UK time on Tuesday 6 August. When you book a place we'll send you a link to join the class.

  • I'm in TLC Team - is this part of my membership?

    Yes. If you're a member of TLC Team, we'll automatically send you a link to watch the class. You do NOT need to book here.

  • Can I ask questions?

    Yes. When you receive your email with a link to the class, you can email back with any questions you'd like us to answer. Or you can ask them during the class using the chat function.

  • I can't make the class live. Can I still watch it?

    Yes. Book your place even if you can't make the class live and you'll get a recording to watch afterwards. This recording is yours to keep.

  • Will this class give me templates to use?

    Yes, you'll get a copy of our social media timetable and sharer cheat sheet.

  • Will this work for my social media platform?

    The strategy we teach can be applied to every social media platform. You'll learn how to design a strategy that delivers what your ideal customers need - one that you can then tailor to your chosen platform, whether that's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other platform.